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We have great pleasure in informing you of the successful completion of the Sacred Installation of Sri Viswaroopa Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy Moola Vigraham at 3.45 AM on Wednesday, the 2nd May 2007 coinciding with Chitra Pournami day and Swathi star on the 18th day of Chithirai month of the Tamil year ‘Sarvajith’ at Kattavakkam village, Walajabad, Kanchipuram district.
Sri Visvaroopa Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy Moola Vigraham
The Trustees of Sri Pavanahari Homa Trust, Chennai have pleasure in informing you of the successful completion of the Sacred Installation of Sri Visvaroopa Lakshmi Nrusimha Swamy Moola Vigraham at 3.45 AM on Wednesday , the 2nd May 2007 coinciding with Chitra Pournami day and Svathi star on the 18th day of Chithirai month of the Tamil year ‘Sarvajith’ at Kattavakkam village, Walajabad near Kanchipuram, on the Walajabad-Sunguvarchathiram main road.
The elaborate ‘Gata Sthapanam’, ‘Kalasa Poojai’, ‘Vasthu Homam’ ‘Prathishta Homam’ and the other associated holy rituals as per the vedic procedures were performed by a team of dedicated ‘rithviks’ under the leadership of the erudite scholar Dr. Lakshmi Narayana Bhattar of Salem under the over all supervision of the Lakshmi Nrusimha Upasaka Sri K. Parthasarathy Swamy of Srirangam.
This was followed by the sanctifying holy bath for the idol (‘Thirumanjanam’) with copious volumes of cow’s milk and tender coconut water, the sight of which was a sheer delight to watch.
The devotees were thrilled at the gigantic majesty and the fascinating grandeur of the sixteen feet tall idol and felt moved by the delightfully awe-inspiring Divine Form of the Lord. The total height of the Form of the Lord from the base till the hoods of ‘Adhisesha’ is 25 feet.
The exquisitely sculpted ‘Divya Mangala Moola Vigraham’ of the Lord , has the distinctly unique features exactly in line with the description of the Lord as found in the ‘Brahma Sthuthi’ ( ‘Dhyana Sloka’ ) of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha preceding the ‘Lakshmi Nrusimha Sahasranama Sthothra’.
As per this description, the Lord displays an extremely pleased and a broadly smiling face (‘athiprasanna vadhanam’)with a very condescendingly kind mood for responding to all our prayers, is seated in the Yogic posture with His consort ‘Lakshmi’ seated on His left lap who is embracing the Lord with Her right hand and holding a lotus flower on Her left hand. The Lord wields the ‘Sudarsana Chakra’ on His back right hand and the bow and arrow on His back left hand (as the fore-running indication of the fame He intends to acquire wielding these ‘Kodanda’ in the subsequent ‘Yuga’ in the Rama Avatara) while His both the forehands are in the usual ‘Abhaya Hastha’ and ‘Varada Hastha’ postures. Nrusimha also known as ‘Athirudra’, in this holy Form has three eyes, the third one on His forehead and the ‘Adhisesha’ above His head has seven hoods (like the seven flames of the sacred fire, ‘Saptha Jihva’) each with a separate crown and sparkling ‘Nagarathna’ above each head.
Till the date of ‘Samrokshanam’, on a regular basis, ‘Sahasranama Archana’ is planned to be performed for this Lord at 8 am daily, ‘Gopooja’ on all Fridays at 6 pm, ‘Sri Nrusimha Homams’ performed at 4 pm on all ‘Pradhosham’ days and at 8 am on all ‘Svathi’ days of the month.
In addition, as special sanctifying ritual, ‘Sri Lakshmi Nrusimha Moola Manthra Homam’ and ‘Sri Sudarsana Homam’ are planned to be performed at this site under the leadership of Sri Parthasathy Swamy at 8 am on Sunday the 13th May, 2007.
On behalf of Sri Pavanahari Homa Trust, we indeed have great pleasure in inviting all ‘Asthikas’ in general and all ‘Nrusimha Bhakthas’ in particular and all their relatives and friends to attend these sacred ceremonies on the mentioned days and be the recipients of the kind benedictions and grace of Lord Lakshmi Nrusimha.
The primary assignment given by the Lord to His chosen devotees had been installing His ‘Divya Mangala Moola Vigraham’ with such distinct features as the unique beauty (which in a way fulfills His unfulfilled desire ) in the midst of the serene and peaceful natural ambience at Kattavakkam. These have just been completed.
The next stage now is to plan and organize for constructing a befittingly grand temple around this Lord, strictly meeting with the appropriate ‘Agama’ principles in the next few months inclusive of ‘Garbha Griham’,’Moolasthana Vimanam’ ‘Artha Mandapam’, ’Maha Mandapam’, ’Dhvajasthambam’, ‘Pradhana Gopuram’,’Thiru Madappalli’, ‘Madhil Walls’ etc.
Separate shrines for Sri Thayar, Andal, other Nithyasooris like Garuda, Hanuman along with distinct worshipping arrangements for all the ‘Azhvars’ and ‘Acharyas’ and accommodations for the ‘Archakas’ and the daily administrative staff are also provided for in the plan of construction of the temple.
The indicative cost of such a plan is around Rs. five crores.
There is no doubt that the divine hand which has been holding and taking us this far will take us further and lead all of us till the logical completion of this ‘Divine Task’.
We wholeheartedly welcome the active participation and involvement of all the ardent devotees of the Lord belonging to the ‘Nrusimha Kudumbam’ living in all parts of the world for the successful implementation of this mammoth task.
The scriptures explain that all those involved in such pious devotional service to the Lord are the true ‘Athma Bhandhu’ spiritual brothers and sisters united and working for the common holy objective under the coolest shade of the protection rendered by the Lord for all the years and births yet to come.
The scriptures also assert that the Lord’s hearty blessings reach all those devotees, well wishers and their family members, who participate directly and indirectly in the spiritually significant devotional services associated with such divine projects.